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What are intumescents?

Monday, 8 July 2019

All ironmongery installed on a fire door must be fitted without compromising the integrity of the complete fire door assembly. This is of particular importance where ironmongery is rebated into the doorset such as hinges, locks, latches and concealed door closers.

This is why Zoo Hardware has worked with Firestop Manufacturing Ltd to create our very own bespoke fitting intumescent kits. These are manufactured from an ultra‐thin and flexible high‐performance intumescent sheet, available from 0.8 to 2mm thick. FlexiFire offers high levels of expansion and insulation preventing heat transfer on ironmongery rebated into timber doorsets. FlexiFire is suitable for both 30 and 60‐minute applications. Installing FlexiFire requires minimal rebating, a real advantage in timber doorsets.

FlexiFire intumescent kits are supplied with a self‐adhesive backing, allowing the user to simply tear away the release paper and apply to the ironmongery.