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Zoo Hardware Complete Door Packs

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

At Zoo we are committed to quality and reliability. For this reason, when it comes to achieving and maintaining standards, we have chosen independent third-party testing from Warrington Certification Ltd.

This ensures consistent product assurance for specifiers, stockists and end users. The standards achieved and level of traceability ensures confidence with regards to the stated performance of our products.

We sign up to the Certifire scheme as its Internationally and Nationally recognised as delivering quality within our industry, itís a means of providing a guarantee, low maintenance in certain areas and that we continue to adhere to the product standards and the additional Certifire requirements.

We are annually inspected for products that carry the Certifire logo and we have products sampled from the market and independently tested to make sure that they continue to meet the requirements and maintain the levels they achieved originally.

Certifire uses sampling from the market and independent testing requirements within its scheme. This guarantees products meet the requirements from initial testing and through subsequent assessments/audits ensure products are sourced and manufactured to that same standards and/or specification.

Zoo Hardware Ltd Fire Rated Hardware Sets have been successfully tested on a fire resistant timber doorset to 30 minutes and 60 minutes including our lever handles, hinges, mortise locks, euro profile cylinders door viewers and pull handles.

These packs are the perfect opportunity to create the exact suited products for your own needs and wants project by project.